Made entirely out of tarnish-resistant findings, chains and charms, these dreamy designs are the epitome of quality & are guaranteed to enchant for years to come!


Each necklace will be made to order with 100% tarnish-resistant chains, findings, beads and charms (304 silver). Chains with gemstone details will vary in stone shape & size - but will be of identical, if not better quality to those above.


  • Zodiac Charm = 20 mm
  • Boho Fringe - Curb Link Chain = 60 cm
  • Rose Quartz Double Detail - Oval Link Chain = 60 cm
  • Single Drop Tigers Eye Detail - Satellite Chain = 50 cm

Treasures of the Zodiac - Taurus

ضريبة شاملة
  • Rose Quartz - Welcome to the stone of self-love, family love, platonic love, romantic love and unconditional love! Love, love, love! Rose Quartz will help you get amongst it, see it, feel it, give it, create it and embrace it like you dropped mdma at a bush doof. Known as the “Love Stone,” this charming, high energy crystal brings joy, warmth, emotional healing, forgiveness, compassion, peace and happiness to all aspects of your life. Not only will it sort you out, Rose Quartz emits strong, loving vibes to those who you are closest to as well. This gorgeous gemstone enables us to see the good in others & ourselves, and can dispel bad energy such as jealousy, insecurities, fears, intrusion, anxiety and gossip.



    Tiger's Eye is a beautiful stone known to build confidence, inspire motivation for success and boost yo' hustle towards achieving the goals and aspirations of your dreams. These gems are said to enhance prosperity, intuition, manifestation, willpower, courage, perseverance, creativity and all things psychic. Wearing Tiger's Eye or keeping it in a close proximity to you will restore the harmony, balance and positivity to your life AND provide you with the bright perspective, mental clarity, emotional balance and grounding alignment that you need to move forward. These stones help with releasing anxieties, fears, emotional clouds, feelings of lack, scattered energy, negative vibes and even spark a sense of ultimate peace during times of hectic change. Historically, Tiger’s Eye was worn as an amulet of protection for unwanted energy, ill-wishes and in particular, curses. To this day, these gemstones remain widely sought after for the same purpose and work a charm.