A gorgeous 3cm hand-drilled, tear shaped Seraphinite gemstone pendant. Comes on a black hempcord necklace in your preferred size.


Seraphinite Necklace III

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  • Seraphinite Named after the highest order of the angels for it’s feathery features, Seraphinite is a harmonious stone of unwavering enlightenment. Widely sought after for its healing energy, spiritual insight and clairaudience properties, Seraphinite will not only open, but heighten the senses, aid communication with nature spirits and even build strength in the bonds with your spirit guides. It is known to clear the aura of any blockages, enhance intuition, dispel toxic thoughts, lift low emotions, improve social skills, inspire better relationships, support decision making, and encourage positive reactions. These lovely stones also hold a strong connection to Divine Realm, bringing about a profound awareness and deeper understanding of it’s existence. As a stone of such harmony, fulfilment, balance and spiritual growth, Seraphinite will establish serenity in your life, encourage you to live from the heart and guide you towards aligning with your true purpose. It is also said to surround any feelings of depression with uplifting energy and even help you identify the necessary changes needed to see that sweet sunshine again!