A gorgeous 2.2cm hand-drilled Prehnite gemstone pendant featuring a triple feather charm base. Comes on a black hempcord necklace in your preferred size.


Tourmaline Prehnite Charm Based Pendant I

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  • Prehnite These gorgeous green gems are all about unconditional love, releasing emotional trauma, restoring peace and grounding excessive energy. It will basically push you through the spiritual growth door and increase all things intuition. Prehnite is also well known to “heal the healer” & keep you from taking on any heavy energy you encounter throughout the day. If you’re an empath or work in a high energy exchange industry, this stone is a must! Keeping a piece on you during times of continuous change or transformation will help you deal with any uneasy feels & make it easier to see the good in every situation. It will assist with focusing on the task at hand when your mind is all over the place & remind you to stay the present moment. Prehnite is also famous for dream recall and eliminating neverending nightmares.


    Black Tourmaline These powerful bby’s are THE master of repelling and protecting against negative bs! Not only do they absorb the shitty energy, they transform it into positivity! They enhance physical well being, thought patterns, increase vitality & provide intellectual acuity. Black Tourmaline is also capable of sending psychic attacks back to whoever sent them. These grounding gems can also work as a mental detox, making one more alert, energetic & motivated.