A natural Pyrite Cube specimen of irregular twin formation with a brilliant mirror-like shine and incredible detail.

44 x 40 x 31 mm

Natural Pyrite Cube III ~ Irregular Twin Formation

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  • Pyrite or Fool's Gold is a magical stone for mastering the mindset, bringing stability to a busy imagination, eliminating stray thoughts and increasing focus on the task at hand. Being a stone of such capacity, it predominantly aims to open the intellectual side to logical thinking and further develop one's perception. Additionally, Pyrite activates memory recall, allowing one to access & utilise relevant information from past experiences and discoveries whenever needed. Pyrite also acts as a powerful protection stone and will help you see through peoples shit without a hitch. No matter the front, facade or pretence, with this stone nearby there'll be no fooling you. The unique energy of this golden gem can also make you feel all-round less scattered - even when you push it or go too hard. I wouldn't go so far as to say that it cures depression, but it does make it a whole hell of a lot easier to get out of bed and get shit done. Which in the long run, gets you over the shit slump and helps build emotional strength. All in all, this is a wonderful stone to enhance mental stimulation and harness the magic of the mind.