A gorgeous 2.5cm mirror pendant featuring an array of Kyanite chips set inside a wooden bezel frame. This hand-crafted treasure has been infused with a nifty reflection spell capable of returning any harmful energy, ill-wishes or negativity back to its source. It'll have those problematic folks taking a long, hard look at themselves before they go spreading any negativity near or about you.

Magical Mirror Pendant - Kyanite

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  • Kyanite is the master stone of restoring vitality and intensely aligning your shit on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. By balancing the chakras and basically everything else in your being, these gems will make you feel more confident, content and at ease in all that you do, bringing a sense of peaceful tranquillity to a busy mind. But Kyanite isn't just a stone of serene vibes, it also has a grounding and energizing quality about it. These stones are known to bring clarity to communication and can help you directly convey your ideas, thoughts and feelings without a hitch. Its vibration dissolves the various mental blocks such as frustration, confusion and anxiety, making way for any hopes, dreams and desires to manifest swiftly. With a unique inability to retain any form of negativity, Kyanite never needs to be cleared or cleansed. It creates a cosmic shield against low vibrational folk and literally stops them from messing with your head. However, for those who fuck with aggressive magic or wear Kyanite with heavy intentions, this stone can also give the power to get into someone's head and drive them a bit mad. So be extra aware of your moods and feelings when wearing these babies, you might unintentionally stir some mental shit.