A gorgeous 2.5cm mirror pendant featuring an array of Clear Quartz chips set inside a wooden bezel frame. This hand-crafted treasure has been infused with a nifty reflection spell capable of returning any harmful energy, ill-wishes or negativity back to its source. It'll have those problematic folks taking a long, hard look at themselves before they go spreading any negativity near or about you.

Magical Mirror Pendant - Clear Quartz

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  • Clear Quartz is a high vibration stone that could easily be considered one of the all-round, good guy’s of the crystal world. Known as “master healing crystals,” Clear Quartz absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy of all kinds. These crystals are known to boost thoughts, assist memory recall, align chakras, neutralise electromagnetic smog, enhance psychic abilities, bring harmony and create mental clarity. In addition, Clear Quartz is famous for amplifying the properties of other stones (when worn or paired with), and is a wonderful tool for meditation.