Natural Spirit Quartz point with a lilac hue.

Approx 33 x 22 x 24 mm

Lilac Spirit Quartz Point I

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    Soley found in South Africa, this highly vibrational gem carries a blissful energy about it that is said to spark a fire of spiritual revolution within the soul - making it a rare (& expensive!) little bastard. Known as the stone of harmony, balance and well-being, Spirit Quartz is highly sought after for its ability to not only align the chakras but unlock and enhance the third eye, crown, soul star and higher crown chakras on top of that. If you're in need of some spiritual renovation, then look no further! Through strengthening the connection to the spirit realms, Spirit Quartz will literally pave your current life path with the bricks that coincide with your true soul purpose. It replaces fear with feelings of freedom, balances masculine + feminine energy and inspires divine wisdom - promoting an abundance of growth, enlightenment, insight, clarity and awareness.