A gorgeous 1.7cm hand-drilled, natural Larimar gemstone featuring a silver moon charm base. Comes on a hempcord necklace in your preferred size and colour.

Larimar Necklace I

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Hempcord Colour
  • Larimar Also known as the “Atlantis Stone” for its watery glory, Larimar is a young stone in the crystal world only discovered in 1916 and named much later in 1974. These deep-blue, ocean-like beauties are solely found in the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean and still aren’t fully understood metaphysically due to their recent arrival in the mineral realm. What is known however, is that Larimar is the stone of pure serenity, promoting relaxation and tranquil energy to one’s life while dispelling anxieties, worrires and stress. It is even said to bring incredible luck with soulmate searching and financial gains. These stones encourage great wisdom, clear communication, confidence in expression, emotional healing, inner growth and universal understanding. Larimar will illuminate any patterns of self-sabotage and help you overcome such tendencies with enlightened efficiency. During times of change or periods of uncertainty, this stone will bring a strong sense of acceptance and ease, restoring balance and peace within your soul. These gemstones are also known to assist in breaking the unhealthy bonds that do not serve you on your path to your highest good, providing protection against any form of manipulation.