A naturally formed Fluorite Octahedron featuring an array of aqua hues, rainbow highlights and turquoise streaks throughout. Carefully hand-polished for added glow. 

25 x 31 x 25 mm

Bright Blue Fluorite Octahedron

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  • Fluorite - Commonly referred to as the "Genius Stone," Fluorite inspires intellectual thought and allows the brain to function at its full capacity. It builds self-confidence, supports decision making, increases organization and opens the mind to universal truth & consciousness. On top of enhancing concentration, Fluorite encourages originality and creativity to flourish. On the protection front, this crystal not only stops mental and psychic manipulation in its tracks but also warns you of outside forces trying to tamper or even tap into your energy before it happens. Fluorite brings stability to an unbalanced aura by neutralising negative energy and illuminating harmony. Being a stone of such mental stimulation, it is also known for inciting vividly visual dreams. This stone is not recommended for crystal elixirs as it literally contains fluoride and will fade like a MF in constant or even partial sunlight over time.