A gorgeous 2.8cm Apatite gemstone hand-wrapped with black hemp cord & finished off with a pretty peacock feather charm in silver. This necklace is 39cm long!

Apatite Necklace III - Charm Based

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  • Apatite Welcome to the stone of inspiration, ambition & fully loaded manifestation! Apatite is the pretty blue stone you’re gonna want all up in your pockets if you are FOR REAL about manifesting your goals into a really real, reality. These gems will sort out your chakras, bring out yo’ inner extrovert, clear any feelings of alienation or uncertainty and is an incredible pebble of clarity for those who study & people in business management positions! Apatite has been known to heal bones, aid in weight loss, sort out calcium absorption, relieve arthritis, help conquer hypertension and straight up balance the body by clearing out cluttered energies. All in all, having this stone around will amplify your motivation, stimulate that inner creativity and tickle your intellectual side.