A gorgeous 2.3cm hand-drilled Apache Gold pendant featuring a silver moon charm base. Comes on a black hempcord necklace in your preferred size.


Apache Gold Charm Based Necklace I

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  • Apache Gold Apache Gold or Healer’s Gold is a mystical mineral amalgamation comprised of Pyrite and Magnetite. As stones of pure guidance, support, acceptance and manifestation, Apache Gold will help you let go of your shit and dispel any unconstructive feelings of emptiness, indecisiveness and negativity. With a deep connection to the grounding energy of the Earth, Apache Gold will harmoniously align the spiritual, physical and etheric energies within you. These beautiful gems are packed with vibes of positivity, peace, wisdom, confidence, creativity and balance. Also known as Healer’s Gold, these gems will support your wellbeing and prevent you from feeling drained or burnt out when it comes to helping others heal. In high energy-exchange environments, Apache Gold will clear negative vibes and fully protect your personal power. Often referred as “The Calling Stone” these gemstones encourage you to trust your intuition and even allow you to perceive the inner voice of all other beings. With such a deep bond to higher realms, having Apache Gold around you will help you recognise your true purpose and potential in life.